Appliance removal

Why Do People Look For Appliance Removal?
  Junk is happy to take away old appliances that no longer work, or working appliances that are being removed due to a remodel or appliance upgrade. We work with both residential and commercial appliance owners. We will pick up appliances from anywhere in our service area.

Why Choose   Junk Removal For Appliance Removal & Appliance?
We are a fast, convenient, and efficient way to remove and recycle appliances. Generally, you can’t dump appliances; put them in your municipal recycling bins or bulky item pick-up service. Nor can you put them in commercial dumpsters. That’s why you need to call Junk Removal. We allow you to schedule a pick-up time online in a few clicks Then the crew will come to your property, give you a fixed price quote for removing your appliance, and haul everything away. We maintain a database of the proper places to dispose of, donate and recycle a broad an array of materials, including all kinds of appliances.

Junk Helps the Environment.

Like everything in this world, appliances have a limited lifespan. Unfortunately, they always seem to go out at the worst time—like before a major birthday party or family holiday dinner. That’s ok.

We may even be able to recommend a great appliance repairman for you! If it really is time for your appliance to visit the Great Recycler, let Junk haul it away. We maintain a comprehensive database of the best way to recycle your old appliance. We always comply with local regulations regarding appliance recycling, such as environmentally safe Freon removal.

Appliances can be a hassle to try and dispose of on your own. Refrigerators, washers, and dryers are all extremely heavy and can be difficult to try and move it  out of your home. That’s why when you need appliance removal you should call the professionals at Junk Removal.

When you hire the professionals at Junk removal we come to your place of residence or business to remove any and all appliances you need to be removed without you having to lift a finger. There is no need to haul your appliance to the curb or move it to another location prior to our arrival. Our experience ensures that the job gets done as safely and quickly as possible so you can go back to enjoying your day. We offer same-day delivery for services during the week and on weekends for those of you that are busy during the week.

Junk Removal provides unforgettable Miami appliance removal.

The quality and personal touch we add to our services to removing it Junk Removal comes from our desire to give our customers an unmatched appliance removal service. We are a family-owned and operated business that has proudly served the residents and businesses for over 15 years. That’s 15 years of experience and unbeatable customer service that you should expect from an appliance removal company. Junk is fully licensed and insured, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our services. When you need appliance removal to help clean up your home, contact Junk Removal to arrange your appliance pickup. We promise you will be satisfied with our work and that you will be paying for a fast professional Company that’s Licensed and Insured for junk removal services.

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