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Offering comprehensive Junk Removal services


Miami Junk Removal offers safe, fast, and reliable junk removal services. We provide services to Miami, Florida, and its surrounding areas within a 30-mile radius. It is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in junk removal works. We provide the easiest way to get rid of junk and help protect the environment. You can count on our friendly team to help you clear out and haul away anything you need. We will dispose of your junk properly, recycle it, and donate it if possible. Our team members can easily handle commercial and residential junk removal projects. You can also expect us for emergency services.


You can call us anytime if you have any questions regarding our junk removal services.


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How can our Junk removal services help you?


Removing your junk items can be costly, unsafe, and time-consuming. Furthermore, it is possible to get injured while removing junk items on your own. Choosing a professional junk removal company like us will make you feel at ease. With the right approach, we can handle everything.


Hiring professionals to remove and transport unwanted items from your home or office is necessary. Our expert junk removal team can help you to:


  • Save your time
  • Help you to manage your time
  • Perform quick work
  • Regain your space
  • Decrease environmental footprint
  • Save you from injury
  • Gain peace
  • Keep your place safe from allergies, derbies, and mold

Providing trustworthy junk removal services


Are you searching for Miami hauling services? If that is the case, then you need not look any further. Give us a call right now, and we’ll be happy to assist you. To us, transparency and simplicity are important aspects of our service. We don’t charge any extra fees after providing our service. It does not matter whether the project is big or small; we will give you a precise estimation before we begin.


Let us help you get rid of clutter in the garage, attic, office, home, and basement. Our pleasure to assist you with any type of commercial or residential removal need.


  • Experienced team members
  • Listen to the clients
  • Expert handling any kind of trash
  • Quick response
  • Friendly behavior
  • No hidden charge


Call at 305-707-1214 or (786) 788-5577

Why use our Service?


Miami Junk Removal provides the most tailored junk removal services to clients. Our team members are always ready to help you get rid of any junk items. We use the safest and most secure plans to perform our jobs. Our expert team members have been working for years in the field. Whether it is a commercial project or a residential one, we know how to handle both. Our hauling Miami and cleanup services will help you to remove garbage, old furniture, metal items, electronic components, and more.


Besides, we offer other services like eviction, debris cleanup, and more. Our mission is to provide you with a reliable and efficient junk removal service. You expect us to:


  • Provide a wide range of junk removal and cleanup services
  • We will handle any project with our expert members
  • You can call us anytime
  • There are no hidden fees with us
  • We maintain an eco-friendly process while disposing of unwanted items
  • Perform a project in a safe and secure manner
  • Maintain a safe and secure junk removal process
  • Request a free quote from one of our phone members


Removing junk from your property is much easier if you hire Miami Junk Removal to help you remove old, unwanted junk and trash. With our quick and reliable removal service, you can ensure a better environment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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How do I get a Junk removal quote?


Please feel free to contact us over the phone if you have any questions. Call us anytime at 305-707-1214 or (786) 788-5577. You can also contact us using our mail or live chats. Our expert members are ready to help you. You can get a quote over the phone, or we will visit your home to provide an exact estimation.

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Our Services


Our company, Miami Junk Removal, offers a wide range of junk removal solutions to serve clients. You can count on us for any kind of junk removal work. Our team can remove anything from your home, office, property, or yard. We can remove it all, whether furniture or large metal materials. Our services include:


  • Residential junk removal
  • Commercial junk removal
  • Foreclosure Cleanup
  • Eviction cleanouts
  • Debris removal
  • Appliance removal and more


We strive to help our clients. You can talk to us if you have any special requirements or needs. Our team members will exceed your expectation. Call us to get a free quote.


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Our working process


Miami Junk Removal will assist you in removing any junk items. Using our low-cost removal services, you and your family can stay healthy and safe. We have kept our working process simple for our clients so that anyone can receive our services. You can contact us through phone, live chat, or email. We will provide you with an early estimate over the phone. A team member may visit your location and provide an exact estimate if the project is large, so there will be no last-minute haggling or negotiating. Upon receiving your confirmation, we will come to your home on the scheduled date.


We always ask for a fair price when we work on a project. We are responsible for taking care of the rest if you accept our offer. You can call us 24/7 for any information.


  • Contact Miami Junk Removal
  • Get the estimation over the phone or after a visit
  • We will send our experts to your location at the scheduled time
  • Pick your junk items

Providing the fastest way to get rid of your garbage


Most people do not want to spend money on junk removal services. They think it’s a waste of money. But some items require proper care and an effective removal plan to avoid risks. We will bring the necessary equipment with us regarding your needs.


Our professional junk removal team maintains all the safety protocols and equipment to ensure a secure service. Besides, one must use eco-friendly disposal methods while removing junk items to protect the environment.


We at Junk Removal Miami use the most effective methods to dispose of your junk items. Our service will help you produce less waste, safely dispose of hazardous materials, and be on time. We offer the quickest and fastest way to remove your unwanted items. Give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest for you.


You can also count on our junk removal service for emergency removal work. We are here to help you in any situation.


Contact us for emergency cleanups.




Can you give me an idea of the cost of a junk removal service in Miami?

Our junk removal service does not have a fixed price. Depending on the items and trash you need to remove. After examining your items, our dedicated team will determine a price after visiting your home. Our trash removal service is free of charge.

 What types of trash and junk do you accept?

We provide junk removal services for residential and commercial clients at Miami Junk Removal. Our company can help you remove all kinds of junk from your property, including big furniture and metal materials. W maintain complete safety protocol while performing our work. You can count on us to remove junk and trash items from your property comprehensively.

Why should I consider your Miami Junk removal services?

Debris and old items can contribute to an unhealthy environment. Choose a junk removal service that is ideal for keeping the environment safe and secure. Additionally, some trash items can be dangerous to remove. Our company’s professional team members can handle trash and junk items without any hassle.

 How do you dispose of trash?

We take different initiatives to dispose of the trash. In compliance with all laws and regulations, we demolish structures in an eco-friendly manner or donate usable items.

  • We offer packing equipment, packing instructions and tips as well as labor and support to make your move efficient and stress free.
  • We have all the packing supplies, including boxes specifically for clothes, pictures and dishes as well as packing tape and bubble wrap.
  • Whether it’s just moving floors or across the country, our movers are experienced and trained to effectively handle, transport, and equipment.
  • We have all the packing supplies, including boxes specifically for clothes, pictures and dishes as well as packing tape and bubble wrap.

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